Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Funday! Samples, candles and the ever-expanding Christmas list...

A couple of months ago when my casual love of candles turned serious (and *just* before it morphed into a full-blown perfume obsession), I ventured to Blue Mercury to sniff some of the Diptyque candles. At the time, none of the 5 or 6 stocked candles smelled particularly good to me, but I did walk away surprisingly smitten with Eau Duelle and lusting after Eau Rose after testing them on paper strips. I'd been toying with using my Nordstrom gift card to buy the roll-on version of Eau Rose and decided last night that the light and effervescent rose would be perfect to wear during my upcoming trip to St. Lucia. Determined to get this scent before the trip, baby Walden and I ventured very very far to Tyson's Corner Center since their Nordstrom recently began stocking Diptyque products. (The Bloomingdales at Tyson's Corner also carries Diptyque, but their selection was FAR more limited.)

Ah, what an exquisite Nordstrom! The fragrance and beauty section was so much larger than at my home mall, and the SA that helped me was incredibly sweet and friendly and completely in love with my son. In the end, I eventually purchased the roll-on version of Philosykos instead of Eau Rose, as I prefered it's milky sweet drydown to the flatter floral drydown of Eau Rose. I guess on my skin Eau Rose didn't live up to the tester I coveted. :(

I also smelled each and every Diptyque candle they carried (which had to be ~20) and was shocked to love nearly ALL of them this time. After much debate, I ended up coming home with the Pomander - which felt like the quintessential fall/winter scent. It was absurdly expensive but !!LOVE!! Oh my it smells delicious, even in the box. 

Runners-up included Santal, Violette and Vetyver, at least 2 of which will end up on my Christmas list. I also sniffed out some of their reed diffusers and the Antica Farmacista - Prosecco reed diffuser will also be on my Christmas list. :)

While Philosykos probably isn't my dream tropical island getaway scent, I was fortunate to come away with several samples, some of which should fit the bill just fine! When all was said and done, my lovely SA sent me home with samples of:

(prepackaged by Diptyque - 2ml)
Diptyque - Do Son EdP 
Diptyque - L'Ombre dans l'Eau  EdP
Diptyque - Oyedo EdT

(prepared in store)
B Balenciaga EdP
Tom Ford - Mandarino di Amalfi
Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino
Chanel - Chance Eau Tendre
Carven - L'eau de Toilette

Wow!!!! Is this normal??

I wasn't super excited about the B Balenciaga, but the SA generously spritzed herself after preparing my sample, and I have to admit she smelled lovely! So my mind is open. I also think that the 2 Tom Fords, the Carven and Oyedo will be really lovely to try in the warm weather of St. Lucia.

When I finished at Nordstrom, I went to Sephora to try the new Scent IQ finder thingy to keep the fun alive. I'm not really sure how great of a job the scent finder did but I did end up with 3 more samples:

Nest - Midnight Fleur
Replica - Funfair Evening
Replica - Jazz Club

I haven't heard much about the Replica fragrances, but their bottles were really cute and I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

I'm extremely excited to try (and do my best to document/review) all of these samples! These should help tide me over until my next sample purchase, which I'll probably make soon after the trip.

Have you tried any of these fragrances? Which are your favorites? Do any of them strike you as amazing tropical fragrances?


  1. Wow, that SA was indeed generous!! Looking forward to hearing what you think about the samples. I adore L'Ombre dans L'Eau.

    I have never tried any candles from perfume lines, but I do like what I have tried from Root Candles - I have been at their factory warehouse once and given that it is not too far away, I should go more often!

    1. I do actually have a sample of L'Ombre dans l'Eau that I have tried - but I wasn't sure if it was the EdT or EdP so I was happy to get another one for good measure. I did like it very much - though once I read a comment that it smelled like tomato vines and now I smell that too. Nonetheless I find the scent incredibly green and fresh, and always surprising. It catches me off guard - even when I'm consciously sniffing it - and I continue to sniff it over and over. It brings a smile to my face even *with* the tomato vine connotation, so I think I'll eventually get the roll-on or solid version. But I'll give it another solid test or two. :)

      I've never heard of Root Candles! I'll have to check them out. What's your favorite that you've tried?

    2. I think I'll wear it tomorrow! I haven't worn enough perfume these past six months or so and have a lot of catching up to do.

      Let's see (I opened up their webpage to see if they are still carrying the ones that I remember having): Oh they still have Ginger Patchouli. But it looks as though they don't carry Oakmoss anymore :( There was a rose one I liked, but I cannot find it. But their Vertyver and Olibanum looks enticing, as does the Coriander Musk!


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