Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sniffing the Sephora Perfume Sample Cards that Came in the Mail

Well, we're back from St. Lucia, Clint's back from Colorado and we're finally settling back into regular life at home. The laundry is done, the house is (somewhat) clean and I finally got around to all the mail that's been sitting around.

Back when Sephora was mailing their VIB sale cards, they also sent some perfume scent cards. I'm not sure if everyone got the same scents or if it was randomized, but I got cards of Gucci Guilty, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black & White, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid and Dolce & Gabbana Dolce. I finally got around to some sniffs!

Gucci - Guilty: Mix and mingle with daring magnetism as voluptuous amber joins pink pepper.*

This smells better than I was anticipating. A little rich and sultry, sweet and a touch powdery. I'm not in love with it though, and I think its the amber. I think I just don't like amber that much...

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black: Tempt the impulse toward intimacy with dark violet, vanilla and sandalwood.*

Based on the description alone, this was the scent I was most looking forward to sniffing. On the card, it smells pretty good. It's woodsy and masculine and reminds me of something that I can't place at the moment. I'd give this one a go on the wrist, or on my husband.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White: Cultivate an aura of mystery with a mix of musk, peony and muguet.*

I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but it was hands down my favorite. On the card it was sweet but not cloying, and a light fresh floral. I tried to smear my wrist into the little flap and I got some scent on my wrist, which was just as nice. On my wrist I got a bit of honey too. I'm really curious how this would smell with a legitimate sample. 

Tom Ford - Velvet Orchid: Warm up a cold evening with dramatic notes of honey and rum plus sultry sandalwood.*

This smells a little strong and heavy to me. I smell the rum and a dark heavy floral, but I'm missing the honey which would probably help make this feel more wearable. It also feels a bit 'old lady' to me. There's enough liquid in the peeler to smear on my wrist, but I'll abstain from this one. Perhaps it would be better on skin. To be fair, outside of Neroli Portofino and Mandarino di Amalfi, I find many of the Tom Ford's to be too dramatic for my tastes - at least upon first sniff. Because of that, I haven't tried many on skin. I want to love Tobacco Vanille, but every time I sniff the bottle I cringe and a little piece of that hope dies. I suppose I should pony up a wrist at one point to see how it fares with my chemistry at least.

Dolce & Gabbana - Dolce: Ring in the season with a high-fashion fragrance that pairs fresh neroli leaves with white amaryllis.*

This is light citrusy floral, much appreciated by this nose after the heavy Tom Ford. It's pleasant and delightful, but smells just like a shampoo. Smells good, but I probably wouldn't give it a try because shampoo is much cheaper. :)


Of the set, I am definitely most interested in the Elizabeth and James Nirvanas. They might be worth a trip to Sephora to sample, and if they live up to their cards the rollerball duo (or individual of white) may be a worthy stocking stuffer!


Have you tried any of the fragrances above?
*descriptions from scent cards by Sephora.

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