Friday, December 12, 2014

April Aromatics - Ray of Light (perfume review)

When I bought my bottle of San Francisco Rose, I figured it was a perfect time to order a couple other April Aromatics samples as well - one included a newer release, Ray of Light.

The opening of Ray of Light is a strong burst of minty summer citrus. Sweet, tart and green - you are whisked into a world of grapefruit, limes and lemons. It's extremely refreshing and effervescent, but the force of the citrus teeters on the edge of going full-scale cleaner. For me, it remains just shy. After several minutes, the mint fades a little and the perfume smells almost like a lemon cake (I'm thinking specifically of the amazing lemon cake from SugarBakers that my mother-in-law got for our engagement party). Delicious layers of lemon cake and lemon mousse and dusted heavily with chunky sugar crystals. Over several wears the sharpness of Ray of Light varied - some days it nearly stung my nose with it's citrus, and other days it felt creamier and sweeter.

My kitty Puff, when he was basking in the sun
True to the name, this does feel just like a burst of white rays of sun - sparkling and shining so brightly you can barely open your eyes. In many ways, this perfume feels like the scent of happiness and sweetness, with the innocence and purity that only a young child (or baby animal) possesses. There's no winning the lottery or syrupy candy here - this is the happiness of a young child finding a four-leafed clover in a sunlit field and the sweetness of him presenting a hand-picked bouquet of dandelions to his mom.

The scent doesn't change much over time. Throughout the wear, Ray of Light remains sweet and citrusy - with just a touch of green to mellow it out. 

For my tastes, it stays a little too sweet and a bit high-pitched (I would love a little bit more of the tobacco notes, or even some heavy wood or dark vanilla in the base) - but it is certainly pleasant nonetheless. Definitely worth a try if you like sweet citrus fragrances!


Clint's 3: Acidic, Ocean Breeze, Soap

Clint didn't like this one - but I've gathered that he's not a fan of citrus scents. He thought it was sharp in his nose. Ocean breeze was an interesting take though!


My rating of Ray of Light: 3

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Ray of Light as described by the April Aromatics website:

Notes: Accord of lime, lemon, pink grapefruit, orange and bergamot, galbanum, green mint, vetiver, tobacco

Perfumer: Tanja Bochnig


Do you like Ray of Light, or other April Aromatics perfumes?

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