Friday, December 19, 2014

Diptyque - Pomander Candle (candle review)

One day as I strolled about the internet, I came across the diptyque Baies candle and was immediately intrigued. To be honest, that candle introduced me to diptyque as a whole, which was my stepping stone into the world of perfume. And despite my online obsession with Baies, I do not own that candle. The one I *do* currently own (though I'm hoping I'll own more after the holiday!) is Pomander.

Pomander is the quintessential holiday scent - orange with cinnamon and cloves. It's warm and comforting like tea, and the spices are reminiscent of holidays filled with cider and cheer. Or pomanders - if those were a part of your holidays! I have never seen a pomander, personally.

For the longest time I kept the candle in the box and put it on my headboard (the top is basically a big shelf). I would occasionally catch whiffs of it as I sat in my bed, and it was so lovely. Very good throw for a candle in a box!

Finally I took the plunge and burned it. I hear diptyque candles burn really well - evenly with good scent throw. Unfortunately I was not able to burn the candle under ideal circumstances. Though I planned to burn it long enough on the initial burn for the entire surface to become a wax pool, something came up and I had to leave the house and distinguish the candle. Since I really didn't want tunneling, the next time I burned the candle I painstakingly attempted to melt the wax outside of the tunnel and mash it down into the wax pool with a butter knife to even things out. It was going well until I somehow jammed the knife too hard into the soft and melted wax. I accidentally threw wax everywhere - all over my other candles and onto our antique factory cart coffee table.  >.<  Nonetheless, I continued working on it until I got the top fairly even again. 

Of course the next time I burned the candle something else came up and I had to leave early again... *sigh* I give up. I think this candle may just have to tunnel. On the pro side, I don't *really* have to burn it since the wax residue on the coffee table seems to be leaving a permanent pomander scent trail!

I do wish, however, that the orange would be a touch more prominent during the burn. That's probably my only complaint. On dry sniff, Pomander is the perfect mix of orange and spices, but an hour into the burn I feel that the spices overtake the orange. It's not a huge problem for me since I like plain cinnamon candles as well, but I would love a little more orange!

Compared to some of my other candles, I'd say the scent throw is medium to strong.


My rating of Pomander: 3.75

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It would be a solid 4 with just a touch more orange...


Have you tried the Pomander candle? Do you have a favorite diptyque candle?

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