Sunday, January 11, 2015

Frederick Malle - Bigarade Concentree (perfume review)

When I first opened my small vial of Frederick Malle's Bigarade Concentree, I was greeted with just the most pleasant of citrus smells and I got excited. It's the middle of a dreary winter, and maybe a good citrus was just what I needed. I put it on, and in my eager anticipation, I did so a bit more heavily handed than usual.

This was a *big mistake*. 

photo found on pinterest, source unknown

Less than one minute in, the lovely citrus that wafted from the vial turned into a vile and ugly rotting lemon, sharp and acrid, collapsing into it's own pit of mold. But even worse than that (is that even possible??), was the loud, forceful stench of body odor (surely due to the phantom CUMIN never listed in the notes). The only thing 'concentree' about Bigarade Concentree was the BO! And this isn't even the possibly attractive smell of a man who'd "been chopping wood in the forest" or "working out" or any other sweat-inducing but possibly attractive activity... This is the BO of a grossly hungover guy that binge drank vodka, gorged himself on foods drenched in oil and hadn't showered in several days. In short, it is horrifyingly nauseating - at least on my skin. Your mileage may vary.

That being said, I know it's not just me. After trying Bigarade Concentree and commenting about it on NST, I googled it a bit. I saw people likening it to a NYC taxi driver that had just eaten an orange, and other less than savory comparisons. 

This is easily, easily the worst scent I've tried on skin. I'd rather smell like deli pickles than this.

So, if cumin has it's nasty way with you, beware. You've been warned! 

If cumin doesn't morph into nasty BO on you, this may be a very pleasant citrus scent. 


Clint's 3:  I actually (and unfortunately) tried this scent twice and Clint wasn't home either time. I was unwilling to apply it a 3rd time in order to get Clint's opinion.


My rating of Bigarade Concentree: 1

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Bigarade Concentree as described by the Aedes website:

Family: Citrus

Top Notes: Orange
Middle Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Hay

Perfumer: Jean-Claude Ellena


Have you tried Bigarade Concentree? Did you have a better experience than me?

*sample obtained by me.


  1. I LOVE this review!
    Though I have to admit, it sounds kind of good to me - I like skank/BO in my perfume.
    (you better not try L'air de Rien - people say it is a huge skank-fest - probably why it is one of my favorites!)
    Have you tried Ellena's Hermes perfumes? The Jardin series is gorgeous.

    Oh and another one of his you may not like (but I really really like) is The Different Company's Bois d'Iris - sweaty hay-y loveliness!

    Now that I'm typing all this out, I think I'm your evil scent twin! ;)

    1. Hahaha, well lucky you Carol - by virtue of being my first commenter - you have won yourself a (used) vial of Bigarade Concentree!! (If you want it, of course! If so, just shoot me an email via the contact page).

      I think I can deal with some skank (and by this I mean sex), but BO is definitely a no-go for me! I should try L'air de Rien though, just because it sounds like such a polarizing scent!

      I haven't really given any of the Hermes scents a real try, but I've casually sniffed some of the Jardin's when I see them in store. I should just start acquiring samples, because a cold sniff can be startlingly different than what you get on skin.

      Hmm, sweaty hay-y iris... that's interesting. Do you know if Bois d'Iris uses cumin to achieve that BO effect? I wonder if there's some sweaty skin scents I out there that I could get into...

    2. Don't tempt me!!! And thanks for the offer - I just have to get through all my samples before I get any new ones. You're so nice!

      LdR has to be my top favorite 'new' perfume I have. I am nearly done w/my bottle, so am not wearing it as much as I want to, savoring it until I can purchase a new one.

      I don't think BdI has cumin in it. Another good iris (for me) is Le Lebo's.

  2. Haha, and sorry you had such a rotten experience with this one! It's a scent I love and in fact I only recently drained the last of my sample. To me it is just like zingy marmalade - nothing BO-ish or untoward. You really shouldn't try that cumin monster by Alexander McQueen then, whose name escapes me for the moment. ;)

    1. You're right, I probably shouldn't try that Alexander McQueen :) Zingy marmalade sounds lovely!!! You know, the sniff from the vial was wonderful, so I'm glad some people get to enjoy it. I guess my body just hates cumin and all other 'possibly rendered as BO' scents possible. I swear I even got some BO today about an hour into Annick Goutal's Songes EDP... I really do shower! I promise!


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