Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mair - Remember When (perfume review)

There are days when you want to be strong or bold or sexy.  But there are also days when you just want to feel pretty and carefree. Those are the days that are perfect for Mair's first fragrance "Remember When."

Like a carefree summer day in rolling fields, the opening of Remember When is fresh and bright, with the bergamot shining brightly through the gentle jasmine.  After a few moments, the bergamot softens and adds only a slightly sharp citrus accent to the white floral. 

Then the bergamot recedes into the background, allowing the sweet, fleshy, juiciness of a ripe pear to come the forefront, rounding out the wispy jasmine.  The pear is really delicious - subtly sweet but oh so palpable. This is my favorite facet of Remember When.

As time goes on, the fruity aspect of Remember When thins out a bit, and the jasmine is complemented by a crisp and clean laundry musk. For me, there's a slight sharpness in the drydown. This is most likely a byproduct of the wood notes, which unfortunately turn slightly sharp on my skin quite frequently.

Remember When would make a lovely spring or summer scent. It's uncomplicated, uplifting, and undeniably pretty. This fragrance is fairly sheer, so I'd peg it as very office friendly and a good choice for those of us that can be easily overwhelmed by fragrances. I personally love lighter fragrances like this because I can spritz with abandon and not worry about gassing myself out - or those around me!

I tested Remember When while enjoying a beach vacation in the Outer Banks, and it garnered enthusiastic compliments from both my husband and my mother-in-law, who described it as fresh, clean and pretty.


My rating of Mair: 3.5*

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*I received my sample from Mair, but the opinions expressed are objective and my own.
**please note that the ratings are in no way indicative of the quality of the perfume, but rather, my personal tastes!  I encourage everyone to try for themselves.  :)


Mair as described by the Mair Fragrance website:

Family: fresh, citrus floral

Notes: jasmine, italian bergamot, orange blossom, french pear, amber, guaiac wood


Have you tried Mair?  What are some of your favorite "easy to wear" and "pretty" scents?

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