Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Different Company - Tokyo Bloom (perfume review)

Hello everyone!

It has been a lot longer than I had hoped since my last post. I brought a hoard of samples with me on my trip to my parents' house thinking I'd have ample time to sample and review lots of fragrances with my parents around to entertain the nugget. Haha, I'm so silly... 

It took a long time just to recover from the 2-flight, 14 hour trip cross country. We finally got to bed at 1:30 am PST (which felt like 4:30 am EST to us), just to have Walden wake up less than 3 hours later - obviously he didn't take note of the time change. In the following couple of days, Clint had to fly off for a business trip and Walden began cutting 3 (or 4?!) new teeth, leaving him fussier and clingier to me than he's ever been. He's finally settled down and is allowing my parents to hang out with him, and likewise I've finally emerged from the deep, hazy fog of fatigue that hung over me for several days.

And, like my fatigue, the rain has lifted and it feels like spring in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I've escaped the harsh winter of Maryland for the lovely weather of Washington. It rained for a couple of days, but the last couple of days have been gorgeous. Temps are in the low 50's, the sun is shining, Mt. Rainier is out in all of her glory, and everything is beginning to bloom - especially in my parents' yard (as seen below). As such, The Different Company's Tokyo Bloom was a perfect scent to bring on my trip.

the magnolia tree
hyacinth buds
the camelias blooming
cherry blossoms
I don't have the right vocabulary to describe Tokyo Bloom. It's a beautiful floral. I really really love the first few minutes. The opening is fresh and vibrant, dewy and sheer - but not so soft that you don't notice it. It's the sunshine of summer, the crisp cool air of spring. It's green and a touch grassy. There's a soft powder that tickles the nose like pollen. Without seeing the notes I couldn't tell you off the top of my head what kind of flowers are in Tokyo Bloom. I remember seeing comments from others about dandelions and maybe that's true (we'll find out below!). These flowers do possess a childlike innocence and simplicity to them, and dandelions are a flower I inherently associate with childhood (as well as one of my favorite songs from my high school (ska) days - 'Dandelions' by Five Iron Frenzy - which is made even more meaningful by my entrance into the world of motherhood. It's really sweet and definitely worth a listen (even if you're not a ska person). Song w/lyrics here).

I am positive that there is no dearth of photorealistic floral scents on the market, but the thing that I love about the opening of Tokyo Bloom is that is possesses something that I don't experience that often - it really feels alive to me. And I love that. I'd reapply to experience the opening again and again.

Tokyo Bloom isn't particularly complex, and after the vibrancy of the opening, the heart and drydown are a bit of a let down. It loses the life-like energy that pulses through the opening. While it remains a sheer and pretty floral, there are moments where it gets slightly sharp and starts to smell a touch artificial. It fades fairly quickly, and is no sillage monster. (It's listed on their website under the l'esprit cologne collection.) While I won't spring for a full bottle, I'll happily use my Olfactif sample whenever I need an uplifting touch of spring. I could also see it being lovely as a linen spray (although it's probably a bit expensive for that).


My rating of Tokyo Bloom: 3.5

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Tokyo Bloom as described by the The Different Company website:

Family: Aromatic - Citrus 

Top Notes: basil, dandelion, black currant
Middle Notes: jasmine, cyclamen petals
Base Notes: gaiac wood, musk, amber

Perfumer: Emilie Copperman


Have you tried Tokyo Bloom or any other fragrances from The Different Company?


  1. I am glad to hear you are emerging from your fatigued phase and starting to perk up like spring plants! Am not familiar with Tokyo Bloom but anything that smells really 'alive' has to be good at this time of year. ;)

    1. Vanessa, I too am happy to be out of zombie-land, but we head back home on Wednesday and I'm sure the trip will wipe me out :) But, you're right - Tokyo Bloom is a perfect spring scent, it's just so ... pleasantly vibrant!

  2. Hi Sun Mi!
    I wish Tokyo Bloom lasted on me. My skin probably just eats it up. I still have a wee bit left in my Olfactif sample and will give it another go to see if the results are different. I hope you have enjoyed your stay in the balmy PNW. I lived in Maryland many years ago and know the weather all too well.

    1. Hi Azar! I wish that you could get more out of Tokyo Bloom too - but I'm sure there are other fragrances that bloom beautifully for you and not for others? I have been thoroughly enjoying my time here - it has been so gorgeous out! We head back to MD on Wednesday, and I will be sad to be leaving the PNW behind. :)


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